June 15, 2008



Bento is a portable meal.
There are two type of Bento,One is home made and another is selling.
Traditional Bento is made up of rice, fish or meat, and tsukemono(Japanese pickles).
For especially, Umeboshi(dried ume) is popular ingredient of traditional Bento, because it has strong sterilizing.
As for home made Bento, we select the foods which is still delicious if it get cold.
If you visit Japan, you can buy Bento easyly in convenience store, supermarket, railway station.
Combination of integrents are various.
I will show you lot of delicious bento this blog .

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Sherry said...

Bento is like a lunch box? I understand traditional bento lunch for school children is rice bed with pickled plum in center, that looks like the Japanese flag?
I have a bento box, it has hello kitty band around it to hold it together.
The box is lacquered, and red. I bought it in Japan.

American school lunch is peanut butter sandwich. Not very patriotic!

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