June 17, 2008

Kake udon

kake udonUdon is Japanese thick noodle made from wheat flour.
There are variously kind of udon noodles by region.
Usually we kead wheat flour with salt water and roll out them , and cut it into narrow stripe.

Kake udon is simplest hot type udon dish.
Boiled udon is put into bowl and poured soysauce based mild flavor hot broth.
And topped on finelly sliced green onion.
We usually sprinkle a little of red pepper on it, before eat it.

Kake udon is aloso called "Su udon".
"su" means "nothing" in this case.


Sherry said...

From Japan, all food looks like art. Bowls too are beauty.

nobu said...

Thanks sherry!!
I like this simple Udon.

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