July 19, 2008

Hiyashi Chuka

It is also called "Hiyashi ramen" or "Remen".
Boilled ramen noodle is rinsed well in cold water to cool it.
Drain off the water, and served on the dish.
Poured soy sauce and vinegur based cold soup.
Topping is various, thinly sliced grilled pork, shreded steamed chicken, shreded ham, shreded Tamagoyaki, shreded cucumber, tomato, Beni-syoga(pickled ginger), Wakame(sea weed) and so on.
We serve those topping on the ramen to become it good colouring like these photo.
The vinegar gives good taste for summer.
Generally Hiyashi chuka is served during summer.


Bento Pet said...

Mmmm....looks good, must try making this.

Looks delicious.

http://richiesliv.blogg.se/ said...

Hope you post more japs recipes. My fam loves it. Although, i cook my own dish from Philippines.

Jst peep in to say some words to let you know I appreciate your blog.

Greetings from Stockholm,

Anna said...

Hiyashi Chuka, my diet food hehe Oishiisoooo!!

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