July 23, 2008

Maguro no Sashimi

This is Akami( lean) of Maguro.
Maguro means tuna.
It is a typical Sashimi dish, and rich in protein.

I introduce some species of Maguro, which is good for Sashimi in Japan.

Kuro Maguro ( Pacific blue fin tuna )
It is also called "Hon Maguro".
It is the Maguro which is only called "Maguro" in narrow sense.
It is the most popular Maguro in Japan.

Minami Maguro ( Southern blue fin tuna )
It is also called "Indo Maguro".
The figure of it is similar to Kuromaguro.
It is popular Maguro after Kuro Maguro.

Mebachi ( bigeye tuna )
It is also called " Bach".
It is popular Maguro after Kuro Maguro, Minami Maguro.
Especialiy it is popular in estern part of Japan.
Sashimi in photo above is Mebachi Maguro.

Kihada ( yellow fin tuna )
It is not so oily.
It is popular in western part of Japan.


Bento Pet said...

Maguro! Everybody's favorite sashimi!

Bridgett said...

I tried sashimi in a restaurant under the urging of a Japanese friend and I absolutely loved it! Your photo is gorgeous.

nobu said...

Hello bento_pet.
I suppose your daughter likes tuna sashimi too.

Hello bridgett.
Thanks for visitting to my blog.
You like sashimi. It's good!!

Bento Pet said...

nobu, my daughter only orders sashimi for her meal at Japanese restaurants. She prefers mummy's sushi and others. Sashimi, we leave to the professionals to serve.

mirage2g said...

yummm...but i also like toro and sake...

we have 'sashimi meals' at home, would you come over and eat with us too? Happy weekend!

nobu said...

Hello Mirage.
Thanks for invitting me.
Oh! It's too far.....

I'm glad you come back again.

Sherry Stewart said...

Oh Yum, I could eat my weight in Maguro. Yes, everyones favorite sushi..:)

nobu said...

Haha, Me too.

Sherry said...

Oh Nabu, I haven't had sushi in awhile. This makes me so hungry for good sushi.

Of course, the best sushi is in Japan! (smiling) I miss Japanese sushi place, and the way you serve beer in Japan, too. I tried to incorporate this in my social settings, but people don't seem to understand beauty of it here, serving, being served.

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