July 15, 2008

Yariika no Nigiri-zushi

yariika no nigiri-zushiThese are Nigiri-zushi of spear squid.

"Nigiri-zushi" is a typical sushi dish.
Sushi rice is formed into an oblong shape by hand.
Usually place thinly sliced seafood on it.

"Yariika" means spear squid.
It is good for Sushi and Sashimi.
Yariika in this photo is small Yariika which is befor grow up.


Bento Pet said...

Aghhhh.....Nobu! I eat lots of sashimi and one thing I can't swallow is squids!!

My second daughter, 16 years old this Friday, loves raw squids and has been eating it since she was 12 years old! Can't imagine how she does it. She even eats raw prawns!

nobu said...

Oh! Your daughter loves Sashimi.

anna said...

hajimemashite=) yoroshiku desu! i love squid sushi=)

nobu said...

Anna, Thanks for your comment!
Have you ever been to japan?

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