September 6, 2008

Ebi no Kakiage

ebi no kakiageKakiage is a kind of tempura which seafood and some vegetables are mixed in tempura batter, and deep-fried.
In this photo, shrimp, carrot, onion, and Oba leaf are mixed.
we usually dip it dipping sauce (tentsuyu) and eat.
It is also good to top it on hot soba or udon.


Isadora said...

Hi there! It is a lovely photo and you obviously know how it is prepared but what you failed to consider that there are those of us who do not. Now, rather than have it available to us only in restaurants, we would love to learn HOW to prepare it.

How is a tempura batter prepared? At what temperature should the oil be for the frying? For how long? How are the various dipping sauces made? there is a lot there that you can do for us and I thank you in advance. :)

nobu said...

Thanks for your comment.

Bridgett said...

Oooh, I could easily fall in love with this dish. Looks fantastic and fun, Nobu!

nobu said...

Thanks Bridgett!
It is delicious and healthy.

Para i familiaku said...

These are so beautiful! I can't make tempura that nice.

nobu said...

Welcome to my blog. and thanks for your comment!

Leica 麗香 said...

Nobu-san's blog always makes me terribly hungry. Right now, I am craving tempura! ~_^

Isadora-san may not realise the difficulty of writing detailed recipe instructions in english. I would suggest using this blog as an idea guide, then do a general web search for recipes.

nobu said...

Hello leica, thanks for your kind comment!!
Yes, it is deficoult to write detail in english.
I will try it.

Leica 麗香 said...


This blog is already very helpful for people learning about japanese foods. If anyone would like a detailed recipe in english, it is easy to do a web search.


nobu said...

Hi Leica.
Thanks for your comment, and advice!



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