September 20, 2008

Kaki Furai ( Deep-fried oyster )

kaki furai (deep-fried oyster) This is a popular dish in fall and winter.

Usually, wash oyster in salted water.
Drain off water it,
Sprinkle salt and papper over oyster.
Coat it with wheat flour, beaten egg, and bread crumb.
And deep-fry it in salada oil until browned.

Squeeze lemon on it. ( optionally )
Put tartare sauce or Tonkatsu sauce on it, just before eat.

In my cace, I always squeeze lemon on it.
Because oyster is rich in zinc.
And vitamin C and citric acid which are included in lemon, aid the absorption of zinc.


Bridgett said...

Can you believe I've never tried an oyster? My husband loves them and I have yet to even make one!! These, however, look delicious Nobu. Fantastic job! You maybe be the one to slowly convert me to trying an oyster.

mirage2g said...

Those looks heavenly...I only buy them prepared in boxes..I'm sure personal made is a lot better!!!

nobu said...

Hi bridgett.
Please try it.

Hi mirage.
Packed fresh oyster for cooking is sold in super market in japan.
But usually thoes are small.

Charlie Sommers said...

I love kaki furai and I also love katsudon, tonight I am going to combine the two and make kakidon. Is this ever eaten in Japan?

nobu said...

Charlie, thanks for your comment!
I have never have kaki-don, it's a nice idea.

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