September 21, 2008

Kiriboshi-daikon no nitsuke

This is simmered kiriboshi-daikon.
Kiriboshi-daikon is dried stripes of radish.

It is made by cutting fresh radish which is harvested during end of fall and winter, into stripe, and drying under th sun.
Kiriboshi-daikon is an excellent healthy food.
It is rich in high quality fiber and calcium.

We usually wash kiriboshi-daikon in water.
Put it into bowl which is filled with water.
Keep it until it is recoverd by absorbing water.

Drain off water it.
Stir-fry it together with such as carrot , aburaage and shiitake-mushroom on the pot.
Add water which kiriboshi-daikon soaked, soy sauce, sugar, and sake to them.
And simmer.

Photo above is packed kiriboshi-daikon.


Para i familiaku said...

I love radish, especially when it is simmered/braised. Yummy! I will try this at home! Delicious!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comment.
It is delicious and healthy.
Please try it !

Laurie said...

I am a vegetarian, and just discovered how great fresh daikon can be. Now I will try it dried...thanks to you!

Bridgett said...

Where do you get all these wonderful recipes? This looks fabulous, Nobu!

nobu said...

Hello laurie.Welcome to my blog!
We have many vegetable dishs.
I hope you come back again!!

Thanks bridgett.
This is a traditional Japanese dish.
I will post other Kiriboshi-daikon dish some day!!

mirage2g said...

I am not fond of radish and I dont know how to cook it =D But I do believe it is like salad in japan, you always have it as a side dish...

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