September 27, 2008

Saba no Misoni ( Simmered Mackrel with Miso )

saba no misoni (simmered mackerel with miso)
This is simmered mackrel with miso.
It has soft texture and nice taste.
Miso makes mackrel not fishy, and give rich taste to it.

Mackerel is one of blue back fish.
It is rich in DHA and EPA.
It is also oily and delicious.

Miso(soy bean paste) is typical seasoning of Japanese dish.
It is made by fermenting soy beans.

Usually we simmer filleted mackrel with water,mirin,sake,soy sauce, and sugar in a pan.
Add miso to the pan with dissolving it.
And simmer mackrel with pouring the sauce which is in the pan over the mackerel.

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