September 9, 2008

Salmon no Nigiri-zushi

salmon no nigiri-zushi This is salmon sushi.
Sushi rice is formed into an oblong shape by hand. and placed thinly sliced raw salmon on it.
Salmon is oily and has nice taste.

By the way, "salmon" is "Sake" or "Shake" in Japanese.
But we rarely call salmon as ingredient of sushi "Sake" . we usually call it "samon" as ingredient of sushi. ( actually we pronounce like "SAAMON" )
I suppose the reason is that salmon sushi is new comer.
Traditionally we didn't eat salmon as raw. because, generally wild salmon is not good to eat as raw.
But nowadays, we can eat raw salmon which is cultured raised.


mirage2g said...

Salmon is my favorite fish! Well, when I came to became my favorite fish! Any way cooked, I'll eat it =D

Today I had cooked it in soy sauce, garlic and a little honey...then grilled.

nobu said...

Hello Mirage.
I love salmon too.
I hope you post salmon dish again on your blog!!

Denise Clarke said...

Interesting information of salmon ... I never realized that it wasn't eaten raw when caught in the wild ...


nobu said...

Hello denise, thanks for your comment!

Apples and Butter said...

Salmon sushi is my favorite - even better, salmon sashimi! Welcome to the Foodie Blogroll

Lauren said...

That's very interesting about the history of raw salmon in Japan. Who knew? Salmon is one of the more popular types of sushi in the US

nobu said...

Thanks for your comments!!

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