September 29, 2008


tokoroten covered with vinegar-based sauce
Tokoroten is a jelly-like long and narrow shaped cold snack.
It is made from Tengusa ( a type of seaweed ) and water.

Tokoroten is not so soft as jelly.
It has pleasant unique texture.

In eastern part of Japan, It is coverd with vinegar-based sauce. ( photo above is Tokoroten covered with vinegar-based sauce )
In western part of Japan, It is covered with sweet syrop.

Tokoroten is low in calorie, and rich in fiber. It is good for diet.


Frankie / Nick said...

We have always loved Japanese food but unfortuantely have never run across a dish like this one. If I have the opportunity I would definitely try it. Why eat something you can make at home is my motto.

Bridgett said...

Oh now this is interesting. Can you describe the flavor?

mirage2g said...

Another seaweed! I saw one dish over at oishii-yo! and I said they looked weird, this one too, has the color of fresh seaweed...

Nobu, I have a question, you once said that when referring to salmon as sushi you say Sa'amon, when do use sake/shake? Thank you for info =)

Para i familiaku said...

I think I may not have tried tokoroten yet. I would really like to know the recipe. I love thick clear noodles, and cold noodles like somen and zarusoba, so I think I will like tokoroten.
You present it so beautifully.

nobu said...

Hello frankie/nick.
Welcome to my food blog!

Hello bdidgett.
Oh, It's difficult....mmm..It has slightly flavor of beach???

Hello mirage.
We usually call salmon as "SAKE" or "SHAKE".
For example "sake no kirimi"(filleted salmon), "Sake no shioyaki"( grilled salmon with salt) etc.

Hello parai familiaku.
Sorry, I have never make is my selfe.
Usually I buy paced tokoroten.

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