October 31, 2008

Yaki Udon

yaki udonUdon is thick white noodle made from whaet flour.
"Yaki Udon is stir-fried udon.
Udon noodles are stir-fried with meat, vegetables ,and soy sauce or worester sauce.
In my case, I usually have it with soy sauce.
They say that yaki udon was born in kyushu region after world war 2.

October 30, 2008

Hijiki no Gomoku Ni

hijiki no gomokuniThis is also called "Gomoku Hijiki" .
It is a typical dish of hijiki and well known simmered dish.
It is made by stir-fring and simmering hijiki with other ingredients.

Typical ingredients.
Soy bean

( It is not necessary to cook all )

Soy sauce
Salada oil

Hijiki is a kind of sea weed.
It is rich in fiber, calucium, and iron.
We usually buy dried hijiki, and sock it into water to recover it befor cook it.

October 27, 2008

Horenso no Ohitashi

horenso no ohitashi This is a boiled spinach seasoned with soy sauce.
We usually boile spinach in hot water.
Put it cold water to cool it.
Squeeze it to drain off the water.
Mix it with soy sauce and dashi-stock.
And serve it topped on shreded dried bonito.

By the way, I remenber I learned how to cook it in elementary school.

October 25, 2008


sliced kamaboko Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese food which is made fron ground white fish meat
Kamaboko is made by forming surimi on wooden board, and steaming it.

We usually slice it and eat.
It is also good put soy sause and wasabi on it just before eat it.

Kamaboko is rich in protein, low in fat and calorie.

October 20, 2008

Hotate Kaibashira no Sashimi

scallop sashimi This is scallop sashimi.
It has nice texture and nice taste.
And it is also nutritious food.

Scallop is rich in ingredients of "Umami".
"Umami" is one of five basic taste.
So it is delicious.

"Hotate" means scallop.
"Kaibashira means an adductor muscle in a shellfish.

October 18, 2008


sunomono Sunomono is a type of Japanese dish which is made by mixing some ingrente to vinedgar ( "Awase zu) which is made by mixing some seasonings to vinegar.

This photo is a sunomono of Wakame and sliced cucumber.
In my case, I mix Wakame, and sliced cucumber, vinegar and sugar.

Ika no Karaage

ika no karaage
This is deep-fried squid.
"Karaage" is a type of deep-fried dish which is made by deep-frying ingredient coated slightly by potato starch or wheet flow.
I have already post Tori no Karaage.
please chek it.

"Ika" means squid.
Squid is rich in taurine.
We usually cut it into ring shaped, when we deep-fry it.
I think This is also good for Bento, and good with beer.

October 16, 2008


cut inarizushi
It is also called "Oinarisan".
Inarizushi is a pouch of aburaage stuffed with vinegared rice.
I have alredy post the article of aburaage on this blog. please check it.

Usually cut in halves aburaage are simmered mildly sweet taste.
Pulled open pouch shaped.
And stuffed with vinegared rice.

Some time, we mix some ingredient such as carrot, shitake-mashroom with vinegared rice.


chikuwa Chikuwa is a traditional Japanese food which made from ground fish meat seasoned.
Chikuwa is made by wrapping ingredients around a stick, and grilling (some time steam).
It appears in various dish such as simmered dish, deep-fried dish.
And it is also good to mix it to other ingredient as raw, or to eat as raw without seasoning.

chikuwa with cucumber We often stuff some ingredients into center hole of Chikuwa such as cucumber.

Main ingredient of Chikuwa is ground fish meat, It is rich in protein and low in fat.

October 14, 2008

Zaru Soba

zaru soba Zarusoba is a cold type soba dish.

It is similar to Mori Soba.

Zaru soba is topped with shreded Nori.
Mori soba is topped with nothing.
Both of soba noodle and dipping sauce are same in Zaru soba and Mori soba.

In my case, I prefer Zarusoba.
Because I think Nori is good for soba.

Usually Zaru soba is served on rounded plate, Mori soba is served on squarish plate.

Long ago, Dipping sauces were different in Zaru soba and Mori soba.


Konnyaku is a ingredient of Japanese dish.
Konnyaku is a jelly-like food which is made from Konnyaku potato.
It is a little taste, but it has pleasant unique texture.
Usually Konnyaku is eaten as ingredient of simmered dish, or soup.
But some time we slice thinly it and eat as sashimi. (If we buy konnyaku for sashimi)

Konnyaku is also popular as healthy food.
It is low in calorie and rich in fiber.

shiratakiPhoto above is long narrow shaped Konnyaku.
It is called "Shirataki" or "Ito konnyaku".

konnyaku in supermarket
Photo above is Konnyaku sold in the supermarket.

October 13, 2008

Miso Ramen

miso ramen Miso is femented soy bean paste.
It is a basic seasoning of Japanese dish.

Miso ramen is a ramen which ramen noodles are in miso flavor hot soup.
Usually the soup is made by adding miso based Tare to Dashi (stock).
Miso ramen has rich taste.

Miso ramen is born in Sapporo and spreaded all over Japan.


cut hanpen
Hanpen is a ingredient of Japanese dish.
Hanpen is a kind of Surimi which is made from kneaded fish, glutinous yam, and some seasonings.

It has very soft texture, and mild taste.
Usually it is eaten as ingredient of simmered dish such as Oden.
But it is also good to fry it or deep-fry it.

Hanpen is rich in protein and calcium.

October 7, 2008

Hirame no Sashimi

hirame no sashimi Hirame is a one of flat fish.
It is a popular ingredient of sashimi among white meat fish as well as seabream.
Especialy wild Hirame is expensive.
So I went to the supermarket to buy it in late time, because I want to get it in half-price.
Hirame has plain taste and pleasant texture.

October 4, 2008


Aburaage is an ingredient of Japanese dish.
Aburaage is made by deep-friyng thinly sliced tofu.
It is some time called "Aburage" or "Age.

It is ingredient for various dishes.
For example, miso soup, simmered dish, Inarizushi, etc.

aburaage cut to half Photo above is aburaage cut to half.

We usually buy it tofu shop or supermarket.

October 2, 2008


kinpira Kinpira is a type of Japanese dish which is made by sauteing and simmering shreded vegetables.
Usually main ingredients are root vegetables such as burdock, carrot, lotus root.
Seasonings are mirin and soy sauce. some time add red pepper and sesame seed.

It has mildly sweet taste.
It is typicaly home dish and it is often appear in ingredient of bento.
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