October 20, 2008

Hotate Kaibashira no Sashimi

scallop sashimi This is scallop sashimi.
It has nice texture and nice taste.
And it is also nutritious food.

Scallop is rich in ingredients of "Umami".
"Umami" is one of five basic taste.
So it is delicious.

"Hotate" means scallop.
"Kaibashira means an adductor muscle in a shellfish.


Bridgett said...

Is this your favorite way to eat scallops, Nobu? They look so fresh. (and that is a good thing!)

Bento Pet said...

I've never tried these sashimi style. They are expensive here!

agent112778 said...

i love shashimi

but i havent tried scallops :(

and i would like to add this site to my blogroll

i love Japanese food and so as this site

mirage2g said...

Umai! I do believe in the 5th taste umami, and they say that msg has that...since it enhances the flavor of food. Do you use MSG when cooking?

The scallops looks so clean!

nobu said...

Thanks all.

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