October 2, 2008


kinpira Kinpira is a type of Japanese dish which is made by sauteing and simmering shreded vegetables.
Usually main ingredients are root vegetables such as burdock, carrot, lotus root.
Seasonings are mirin and soy sauce. some time add red pepper and sesame seed.

It has mildly sweet taste.
It is typicaly home dish and it is often appear in ingredient of bento.


Bridgett said...

Now this looks delicious, Nobu. I love veggies like this!

Anonymous said...

These veggies look wonderful!

Laurie said...

Thank you. Nobu! I love lotus root, and burdock, too. I don't know why they are not more popular here in America. This is definitely something I must make!

nobu said...

Thanks all.
It's delicious and healthy dish.
I hope you try it.

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