December 16, 2008


meharizushiMeharizushi is a rice ball covered with pickled takana leafe.
"takana" is a variety of the leaf mustard.
Pickled takana (with salt) has a nice flavor.
This is a country dish of kumano rigion(a part of wakayama prefecture and a part of mie prefecture).
But I think it is getting known in kanto area(Tokyo and surround) in these days.


mirage2g said...

I am not familiar with this leaf....but surely looks good!

Laurie said...

Happy New Year, Nobu!

Here in New York my favorite sushi place has a rice ball with sesame seeds and takana. I have always wanted to eat more of it. This is a great idea! i hope it becomes very popular.

Malyss said...

Is it a kind of sushi, Do you eat that cold or warm? It looks good anyway...

nobu said...

Thanks all.
In these days, it is sushi rice(binegared rice).
We eat it as cold.

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