June 30, 2008

Shoyu Ramen (Tokyo style)

tokyo style shoyu ramen
tokyo style shoyu ramen Shoyu ramen is a ramen which ramen noodles are in soy sauce flavored hot soup.
"Shoyu" means soy sauce.
Ramen in these photos are Tokyo style shoyu ramen.

Usually, the soup is made by adding soy sauce based sauce (Tare) to clear stock (Dashi) which is made from chiken, some dried fish, and various vegetables.
The soup is clear, light brown, and not oily but not thin taste.
Usually, curly noodles used rather than straigt one.
Because curly noodles are match to such light taste soup.

In the photo above, topping is thinly sliced pork, Menme (fermented banboo shoot), finely sliced green onion, thinly sliced Narutomaki (a type of Kamaboko), and Wakame (seeweed).
In the photo below, topping is thinly sliced pork, Menma, finely sliced green onion, Nori (dried seaweed), boiled egg, and boild spinach.

June 26, 2008

Hiyayakko (cold tofu)

hiyayakko Hiyayakko is a simplest tofu dish.
If you want to enjoy the taste of tofu ,you should try it. and it's good for summer.
We usually wash tofu in water but lightly. Then put it into bowl with water and chill it in the refregirator in a few hours.
After that we drain off the water, and cut it to big dice, and serve on the plate.
Topping is variously. finely sliced green onion, shaved dry bonito, grated ginger, shiso leaves, sliced myoga, and so on.
In this photo, topping is sliced myoga and shiso leaves.
We usually put soysauce on top, and eat.

Tofu is an exellent health food. It is low in calorie, but rich in high quality protein.
Tofu is a food that digest absorption easily, because tofu is made of soy milk.

Hiyayakko is also popular dish in Izakaya(Japanese pub). It is also good for sake or beer.

June 22, 2008

Sake no Shioyaki (Grilled Salmon)

salmon shioyaki
In Japan, we call salmon as "Sake or Shake".
Salmon is sold in two types in every fish shop and supermarket.
One type is raw salmon, and another is salted salmon.
If we prefer to buy salted salmon, we just Grill it.
And we prefer to buy raw salmon, we first sprinkle salt on it, and grill it.
We usually serve grilled salmon with grated radish to tast more tastfull, and eat it with rice.
It is often prepare as ingredient of carry out meals(Bento), because it is still good tast, if it got cold.

Salmon is rich in vitamin A,B1,D,E, and high quality protein.
Some Japanese don't eat the salmon's skin, but in fact, salmon's skin is rich in collagen.
Ofcourse, I eat it.

June 18, 2008


gyudonIt is called "Beef bowl" in some country.
"Gyu" means beef, and "don" means a bowl rice topped with some ingredients.
Gyudon is a bowl rice topped with thinly sliced beef and onion, simmered in mildly sweet flavored, soy sause based broth.
We usually put BeniSyoga(pickled ginger) on it, befor we eat it.
Gyudon is also popular as a dish of fast food restaurant.

June 17, 2008

Iwashi furai (deep-fried sardine)

iwashi furaiThis is a deep-fried sardine with butter(wheat flour and cranb).
It is a helathy food.
Especially, sardine is rich in DHA and EPA.

If you don't like to eat sardine,because it is fishy, you should have to try this dish.
If you eat this while it is fresh from cooked, it is not fishy.

We usually squeeze lemon on it. and put worcester sauce or mustard on it, befor we eat.
This is a delicious and health food which we can buy or cook at good price and non-affordable price.

Kake udon

kake udonUdon is Japanese thick noodle made from wheat flour.
There are variously kind of udon noodles by region.
Usually we kead wheat flour with salt water and roll out them , and cut it into narrow stripe.

Kake udon is simplest hot type udon dish.
Boiled udon is put into bowl and poured soysauce based mild flavor hot broth.
And topped on finelly sliced green onion.
We usually sprinkle a little of red pepper on it, before eat it.

Kake udon is aloso called "Su udon".
"su" means "nothing" in this case.

June 16, 2008


tsukemono Tsukemono is Japanese pickles.
Pickling is not only keeping ingredients for long time, but aloso for making them good flavor.
Tsukemono is a important side dish of Japanese food.

There are various type of Tsukemono.
We usually put vegetables( sometime fish or meat) into salt, soysauce, miso(fermeted soybeans paste), vinega,Nuka(rice bram) or Sake lees.
I will introduce various kind of Tsukemono in my blog.

June 15, 2008



Bento is a portable meal.
There are two type of Bento,One is home made and another is selling.
Traditional Bento is made up of rice, fish or meat, and tsukemono(Japanese pickles).
For especially, Umeboshi(dried ume) is popular ingredient of traditional Bento, because it has strong sterilizing.
As for home made Bento, we select the foods which is still delicious if it get cold.
If you visit Japan, you can buy Bento easyly in convenience store, supermarket, railway station.
Combination of integrents are various.
I will show you lot of delicious bento this blog .


Natto is an very very healty food.
It is Japanese traditional food made from fermented soybeans.
It is rich in protein.

We usually put natto into small bowl.
Add mustard and soysauce a little.
Stir it in the bowl. and put it on the rice.
I like this simple way to eat natto.

Natto is full of nutrients.
But it has a strong smell and it is sticky.
I suppose you need a time to be able to eat this.

Natto is not popular in western part of Japan.

June 14, 2008

Kake soba

kake soba Soba is a Japanese thin noodle made from buckwheat.

Kake soba is the simplest hot type soba dish.
Boiled soba is drained. and put into bowl. Poured soysauce based hot broth.
"kake" means "pour" in English in this case.
And topped with finely sliced green onion.
We usually sprincle a little of red peper on it.

The broth is made from soysauce, sweet sake, and dried bonito.
It is mild flavor.
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