January 23, 2009

Buri no Sashimi

biri no sashimi This is a yellowtail ( Japanese amberjack ) sashimi.

Name of yellowtail in Japanese changes as it grows up.
Actually, the name of the fish are diffirent with size.
We usually call yellowtail "Buri" when it is more than 80cm long.

Buri is oily and has rich taste.
Especially, It is very oily and delicious in winter.
Buri is good for sashimi.


Malyss said...

when I read sashimi, I want to eat some!that's good too much!

mirage2g said...

Nobu, those looks so fresh, I love yellowfin, but on siomai :D

Bridgett said...

I first tried sashimi about 15 years ago when I first got married. My husband's Japanese friend was so excited to share it with me, so how could I refuse. Needless to say, I loved it.

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