March 29, 2009


Rakkyo (rakkyo-zuke) is pickled Japanese shallots.
(We also call Japanese shallot "Rakkyo" )
Cleaned rakkyo(shallots) are pickled in the sauce which is made from water ,vinegar, sugar, salt, and red pepper.
usually, those are pickled around three weeks.
Rakkyo is well known healthy food.
Personally, I eat a few piece of rakkyo every day.
It is rich in mineral.
And, allyl sulfides which is included in rakkyo aid the absorption of vitamin B1.

March 22, 2009

Goma Dofu (Sesame Tofu)

goma dofu (sesame tofu)
This is a traditional vegetarian dish (shojin-ryori).
Goma dofu looks like tofu.
"goma dofu" literally means sesame tofu.
( "goma" means sesame )
It is not made from soy bean.
Goma dofu is made from sesame seed , arrowroot flour, dashi-soup.

It has a rich taste and smooth texture.
We usually dip it with wasabi-jyou ( soy sauce mixed with wasabi ) and eat.

March 18, 2009

Aji no Nanban-zuke

aji no nanban-zuke
"Nanban-zuke"(nanbanzuke) is a type of marinated dish.
It is made by marinating deep-fried fish ( or meat ) into vinegared sauce.

"Aji" means Japanese horse mackerel.
It is rich in DHA and EPA, it is a healthy food.

Cut filleted aji into around two bite size.
Coat them with wheat flour slightly, and deep-fry them.
marinate deep-fried aji into sauce which is made by mixing vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, dashi-soup, and red pepper.

March 14, 2009

Ikura no Gunkan-maki

Ikura no Gunkan-makiThis is a salmon roe sushi.
Ikura means salmon roe.
It has a rich taste.

Gunkan-maki(gunkanmaki) is a style of nigiri-zushi.
Hand formed sushi rice is surrounded with nori.
And Ikura is toped on the rice.
Nori works just like a wall, so ikura is set on the rice.

March 12, 2009

Kazunoko no Nigiri-zushi

kazunoko(herring roe) sushi
Kazunoko means herring roe.
It is dried under the sun, or pickled in salt.
Those roes are very small, but adheres and became lump.
It has a pleasant unique texture.

This photo is herring roe sushi.
Herring roe is put on oblong shaped sushi rice which is formed by hand.
And those are bound with nori.

March 3, 2009

Hishi mochi

hishi mochi
Hishi mochi is a lozenge mochi (rice cake) which is prepare for girl 's day.
March 3rd is girl's day in Japan.
We call it "hina matsuri".
It is an event to celebrate in hope of the growth of girl in healthy.
Hishi mochi is formed three layers.
The third layer( green ) is kusa-mochi which is a rice cake flavored with mugwort.
Those three colours, pink, white and green , are compared to peach blossom, remaining snow and young grass( fresh leaf) each.

March 2, 2009

Buri no Teriyaki

buri no teriyakiThis is a teriyaki buri (yellowtail).
Buri is a oily fish, so it is good for teriyaki.
Teriyaki buri has rich taste.
It is still delicious even it become cold.
So it is also good for bento.

In this time, I show you the way to cook teriyaki buri with frying-pan.
We usually marinate filleted buri in teriyaki-sauce which is made by mixing soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar.
Take buri and drain excess liquid.
Heat some salada oil in a frying-pan, and fry buri both side.
Pour teriyaki-sauce and simmer in low heat.
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