March 29, 2009


Rakkyo (rakkyo-zuke) is pickled Japanese shallots.
(We also call Japanese shallot "Rakkyo" )
Cleaned rakkyo(shallots) are pickled in the sauce which is made from water ,vinegar, sugar, salt, and red pepper.
usually, those are pickled around three weeks.
Rakkyo is well known healthy food.
Personally, I eat a few piece of rakkyo every day.
It is rich in mineral.
And, allyl sulfides which is included in rakkyo aid the absorption of vitamin B1.


Ayie said...

I like shallots but i prefer it roasted as in toasy fried and put it over rice,soups, noodles or other meals.

Bridgett said...

Oooh, these look very interesting!

Anonymous said...

naderWhere Can I get some fresh bulbs to plant, So I can grow them in my Garden. We eat them soaked in Soy sauce, Raw, Can't find a source for the fresh Bulbs. Roy

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