April 12, 2010


Oyakodon is a bowl of rice topped with simmered chicken and egg.
Japanese word, "Oyako,親子" means parents and child.
In the name of the dish, chicken is compared to parents, and egg is compared to child.

We usually simmer bite-size cut chicken and sliced onion in mildly sweet soy sauce based broth.
Add beaten egg to them, and simmer until egg start to harden.
Put them on hot rice in a bowl.
Finally, put nori or mitsuba-leaf on it.

March 3, 2010

Hina arare

Hina arare is a traditional sweet for Japanese Girl's day (March 3rd).
On that day, families who have girl set dolls in their house and prepare special food to celebrate in hope of growth of girl in healthy.

Hina arare is popped rice coated with sugar.
Those colours, pink, white, and green are compared to peach blossom, remaining snow, and young grass ( fresh leaf) each.

February 25, 2010

Nabeyaki Udon

Udon is a Japanese noodle made from wheat flour.
Nabeyaki udon is a hot type udon dish made by simmering udon noodles with other ingredients in soy sauce taste broth.
Usually those are simmered in an earthen pot, and served.
Popular ingredients are shrimp tempura, kamaboko, egg, spinach, shiitake-mushroom, carrot, green onion(Japanese leek), etc.
Nabeyaki udon is popular in cold winter.
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