June 15, 2008


Natto is an very very healty food.
It is Japanese traditional food made from fermented soybeans.
It is rich in protein.

We usually put natto into small bowl.
Add mustard and soysauce a little.
Stir it in the bowl. and put it on the rice.
I like this simple way to eat natto.

Natto is full of nutrients.
But it has a strong smell and it is sticky.
I suppose you need a time to be able to eat this.

Natto is not popular in western part of Japan.


Bento Pet said...

My second daughter and I love Natto! So delicious!

nobu said...

It is good. Natto is an excellent healty food.

Sherry said...

Natto, I remember well. I was served natto and I though it was beans with cheese.

I was very surprised, and made a face. The family laughed at my face,Ii think. I was not prepared for the challenge.
I would try it again, but only if I come back to Japan.

I will eat most foods and love them, but natto, you're right, might take some developing a taste for.

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