June 30, 2008

Shoyu Ramen (Tokyo style)

tokyo style shoyu ramen
tokyo style shoyu ramen Shoyu ramen is a ramen which ramen noodles are in soy sauce flavored hot soup.
"Shoyu" means soy sauce.
Ramen in these photos are Tokyo style shoyu ramen.

Usually, the soup is made by adding soy sauce based sauce (Tare) to clear stock (Dashi) which is made from chiken, some dried fish, and various vegetables.
The soup is clear, light brown, and not oily but not thin taste.
Usually, curly noodles used rather than straigt one.
Because curly noodles are match to such light taste soup.

In the photo above, topping is thinly sliced pork, Menme (fermented banboo shoot), finely sliced green onion, thinly sliced Narutomaki (a type of Kamaboko), and Wakame (seeweed).
In the photo below, topping is thinly sliced pork, Menma, finely sliced green onion, Nori (dried seaweed), boiled egg, and boild spinach.


mirage2g said...

I immediately recognized naruto(maki) because of the Naruto the shinobi =D thanks for sharing!

nobu said...

haha! Naruto is more famous than Naruto-maki.

Bento Pet said...

I finally got to try this at a Japanese restaurant! Nice ramen and a light soup.

nobu said...

Bento_pet, thanks for your comment.
I was born in Tokyo, I like this ramen.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rabbittrick said...

my favourite!!
I wish I could eat authentic Japanese ramen everyday. I still draem of the one I ate in Tokyo many years ago =)

Si said...

this looks SO good.

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