July 3, 2008

Aji no Tatsuta-age

aji no tatsuta-age Aji" means Japanese horse mackerel.
"Tatsuta-age" is a type of Japanese deep-fried dish.
Tatsuta-age is nealy same to Karaage.
But in case of Tatsuta-age, Ingredient is put in a sause, before coated by potato starch.

We usually clean the Aji.
Fillet it.
Take out the small bones from it.
Cut it into bite size.
And put it into the sauce which is mixed Sake(rice wine), soy sause, grated ginger.
Leave it around 10 min.
Dry it with paper towels, and coat it slightly with potato starcy.
And then deep-fry it untill browned.

Photo below is Aji in the fresh fish counter of the supermarket.
Aji is one of blue back fish.
It is rich in DHA and EPA.

fresh aji in supermarket


Bento Pet said...

Wonderful insight!! Love the recipes.

nobu said...

Welcome to my blog.
I have already visit your blog. and I was suprized to see your fantastic Bento.
I hope you come back here soon.

mirage2g said...

Konnichiwa! Thanks for dropping by my page, I wouldn't have seen your wonderful japanese blogs if not. Btw, I have a friend there in Narita whom I would visit sometime.

I'd be adding you in my list. Yoroshiku!

nobu said...

Konnichiwa Mirage san.
Thanks for adding my blog to your link list.


Sherry said...

Oh I better get some fish from the market in Seattle and try this. ( next time I am in Seattle)

This sauce you say, makes me think of that delicious dressing for salad that has soy and ginger, but what else I don't know. Do you have the recipe for it? I look everywhere for it.

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