September 23, 2008

Japanese Fish Sausage

stir fried fish sausageFish sausage is made from fish meat, lard, some seasoning and some spice.
When I was child, I often ate it insted of sausage and meat.
In these days, fish sausage is popular as healthy food.
Especially, It is rich in calcium and DHA.

Photo above is just stir-fried it on the pan.
I think it is good for Bento.

fish sausage I think fish sausage is aloso good for ingredient of Yasai Itame , Yakisoba , and so on.

fish sausage in the supermarket Photo above is fish sausage sold in supermarket.


Bridgett said...

I have never heard of fish sausages! I would be interested in trying one though.

Para i familiaku said...

I love fish sausages. Saipan is about 3.5 hours away from Japan, therefore we get alot of Japanese products here. However, fish sausages can cost me about $8.00 or 846 yen.... I can see from your photo it is about a little over 200yen! DELICIOUS!!

Bento Pet said...

I've got two of those in the fridge waiting to be used! Problem is, I'm not into kyaraben and this is good for for cutting out faces and shapes!

I guess I could just fry them like what you did!

mirage2g said...

Can you also snack on it? That is good food especially coz its healthy!

Anonymous said...

Do all fish sausages use lard and pork casings? By the way, are there any pork products in kamaboko?

nobu said...

Anoy; Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese food.
Pork product is not useed in Kamaboko.

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