June 22, 2008

Sake no Shioyaki (Grilled Salmon)

salmon shioyaki
In Japan, we call salmon as "Sake or Shake".
Salmon is sold in two types in every fish shop and supermarket.
One type is raw salmon, and another is salted salmon.
If we prefer to buy salted salmon, we just Grill it.
And we prefer to buy raw salmon, we first sprinkle salt on it, and grill it.
We usually serve grilled salmon with grated radish to tast more tastfull, and eat it with rice.
It is often prepare as ingredient of carry out meals(Bento), because it is still good tast, if it got cold.

Salmon is rich in vitamin A,B1,D,E, and high quality protein.
Some Japanese don't eat the salmon's skin, but in fact, salmon's skin is rich in collagen.
Ofcourse, I eat it.


mirage2g said...

Suki sake! =D Most of my food recipes are about salmon because I love them a lot, and the kids as well. Be it sashimi, smoked, grilled, baked, salmon is so good!

nobu said...

I agree!
I often eat it.

Sherry said...

This radish you speak of is daikon?
I am curious of it's usage in Japan, it is often used in dishes, isn't it?

I also like salmon with salt and just lemon perhaps, Sometimes here it is baked with onion slices, also very delicious.

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