July 9, 2008

Katsuo no Tataki

katsuo no tataki This is sometime called "Tosa-zukuri".
Because it is regional dish of "Tosa".
"Tosa" means Kochi-prefecture.
Oridinally it is a fisherman's dish.
"Katsuo" means bonito. It is a typical early summer fish in Japan.

Filleted bonito is grilled lightly.
Just surface of filleted bonito was grilled.
But inside is still raw.
And put into water with ice.
And sliced thicker than sashimi.

Usually we pour Tare(sauce) on it.
and seavr some vegetables(sliced onion, Shiso leaf ,grated ginger , sliced garlic and so on ) on it.

katsuo no tataki(before sliced)in supermarket Photo above is "Katsuo no tataki" which is before sliced.
It is on the fresh fish counter in the supermarket.


Bento Pet said...

I absolutely love this fish tataki! Just delicious! But so expensive!

nobu said...

Hello Bento_pet.
It is really delicious. And bonito is in good season now.
It is pity that price of fish is getting high.

Anonymous said...

I just came from Japan yesterday and this was for sure one of my favorites dishes I tried during my Japanese culinary experience. I knew the bonito was grilled -I even saw it on TV during my stay in Tokyo- but didn't know It wasn't considered shashimi. I realised there were like totally raw katsuo portions on the stalls of the supermarket and the roasted outside-raw inside version but didn't know why. The second version was tastier and mixed with olive oil and a bit of salt would be a great western/mediterranean version for a early summer dish.

nobu said...

I think that it is take away the peculiar fish of bonito by roasting outside.

Sherry said...

Nobu, I have a book, it is from The Metropolitan Museum of art in NY. It has woodcuts of fish, and the name written in Kanji. It is brush work, so lovely itself. The book is like an accordion, it can spread out across the room. It is called a Shoal of Fishes.

Do you know this style of book?

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