July 11, 2008

Mori Soba

mori soba Mori Soba is the simplest cold type soba dish.
Boiled soba is rinsed in cold water.
And drained off the water, and searved on such a squarish plate.

We put some Wasabi and choped green onion into the cold broth which is made by adding Kaeshi(made from soy sauce, sweet sake, and so on) to Dashi ( stock made from dried bonito ).
We take a bite full of soba with chopsticks and dip it in the broth slightly and eat.

Mori soba is really simple soba dish.
So we can enjoy the taste of Soba.


mirage2g said...

There it is! Thanks!

nobu said...

I hope you try it!!

Bento Pet said...

Nobu, is Mori soba the same as the dried soba we buy off the shelves or is there a difference? Can I use the same dipping sauce as for Cha Soba?

Would appreciate your explanation.

nobu said...

Hello bento_pet.
About soba noodle,It is nearly same.

The soba noodle is same to hot type soba dish.

But soba noodle which searve in Traditional Soba shop is boiled without dry.

Usually, Soba noodle is made from buck wheat and wheat and other ingredients.
The ratio of those ingredients are diffirent in the shops.

when we make soba dish at home, We usually buy dried soba in the supermarket.

About dip sauce, it is same to Cha soba

Bento Pet said...

nobu: Thank you for the information. Now I have 'sifu' I can ask about Japanese food. *so happy* thank you!

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