September 17, 2008

Sanma no Shioyaki (Grilled saury with salt)

sanma no shioyaki (grilled saury with salt) This is grilled pacific saury with salt.
It is a popular fish dish in fall in Japan.
Sanma is oily and delicious.

We usually wash sanma with water.
Drain watter off it with such as kitchen paper.
Sprinkle salt lightly all over sanma both side.
keep it 10 minutes.

Drain water off it again. ( water come out from inside of sanma )
grill sanma both side.

Squeeze lemon on it. ( option )
Serve grilled sanma with grated radish.


Bento Pet said...

I like Sanma but has too many bones! I like my fish with lots of meat like the Saba fish.

mirage2g said...

We do this also with philippine mackerel served on banana leaves, our grated radish version would be grated papaya appetizer...yum!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comments!
Served on banana leaves...It's nice!

Meg in Nelson said...

Yes, yes, yes!! Oh sigh, sigh, sigh!!! So summer is officially over? Oh, sigh, sigh, sigh...

nobu said...

Hello Meg.
We have alredy autumn on calender.
But this year, it is still hot in day time.

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