August 4, 2008


cut dorayakiIt is also calld "Mikasa" in Kansai region(western part of Japan).
Dorayaki is a Japanese traditional sweet which An(Azuki bean paste) is put between two pancake which is made from egg, wheat flour, sugar, honey, and so on.

An is also called Anko.
It is an ingredient for many traditional Japanese sweet.
Usually, An is made from Azuki beans(red beans) and sugar.

By the way, it is famous that Dorayaki is the favorite of "Doraemon".


Bento Pet said...

I love dorayaki and so does my daughter #2! We buy it from the bakery which isn't as nice...but I'm too lazy to make it!

nobu said...

Oh, Please make it for your daughter!!

Sherry Stewart said...

Looks good! Yum!
I have had fish cakes with vanilla and bean paste that issold in open marlets in Japan, I love the fish looking cakes, it is like a pancake batter isn't it?
What does oishi mean?

nobu said...

Sherry, welcome to my food blog.
It is Taiyaki which is similar to Dorayaki.
I like Taiyaki too.
I'll post it someday.

And "Oishii" means delicious.

mirage2g said...

Ah yum! How are you?

=D I am back from vacation and Iam glad to drop by your foodblog to make me crave for food! =)

nobu said...

Hello Mirage.
I think you had a nice vacation.

Sherry Stewart said...

Taiyaki,,,oh with the vanilla sauce.. I love it, I would like to buy a iron or what do you call that, like a waffle machine.. I think it would do well at the market here.
Do you know where i could look into one?

I think it would sell well here in Seattle..especially in fish cake form, cause fish is popular here.

missing Japan, always......... :(

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