August 29, 2008

Ebi no Nigiri-zushi

ebi no nigiri-zushi This is shrimp sushi.
Sushi rice is formed into an oblong shape by hand, and placed shrimp on it.

Japanese like shrimp.
And it is popular as ingredient of sushi.

Shrimp is rich in protein, low in fat.
And it is also rich in taurine.


Bridgett said...

My goodness those shrimp are huge! I love the idea of a shrimp and rice dish. A perfect combination, in my opinion. Do you serve these with a dipping sauce?

mirage2g said...

I love shrimp be it on sushi, in soup or cooked in sprite (yes we cook them with sprite!)

earlier, I was watching bizarre foods tv and they feature tokyo with the host eating a still beating -frog heart, lizard sake, fugu dishes, Ikizukuri and more... =D

too much for me but still want to try some of those stuff!

Leica 麗香 said...


Sherry said...

I like this shrimp very much, and yet Anago is my favorite.

nobu said...

Thanks Bridgett.
We usually put soy sauce on shrinp and eat.

Hello Mirage.
Frog heart? Oh,I can't eat it!!

Hello Leica thanks for your kind comment.

Hello Sherry.
Anago is a kind of eel.
I'll post it someday.

Lyvvie said...

We love shrimp here too. I prefer it like you've shown - simple. just with soy. I don't like how the British smother shrimp in mayonnaise (Prawn Marie Rose) or tomato (marinara) sauce. I love them best fast cooked on a griddle and then with a squeeze of lime.

nobu said...

Thanks lyvvie.
Me too, I like also just boiled shrimp.

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