August 15, 2008

Karei no Nitsuke (Simmered Karei fish)

karei no nitsuke Karei is a kind of flat fish.
It is rich in protein and low in fat.
And its protein is absorbed easyly.

In this photo, Karei is simmered in the broth which is made from dashi(stock), sake(rice wine), soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (sweet sake).

It has soft texture and plain taste.


Shorty said...

Nobu, thanks - I am going to explore new types of fish now...I usually eat catfish or tilapia, but a new study has shown those aren't the healthiest. I am going to get some Karei to try - and some sake - is there any that is better to cook with?

mirage2g said...

I like how Japan is very resourceful with cooking fish! I wonder why Japan and the Philippines have the same waters around them but you got fresher fishes and more wonderful cuisines!

Happy weekend!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comments!!
We sometime simmer thinly sliced ginger with it.

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