January 9, 2009

Daigaku Imo

daigaku imo
Daigaku Imo is a deep fried sweet potato, covered with syrup.
Usually we eat it as snack.

"Daigaku" means university or college, and "imo" means sweet potato in this case.
Origin of the name is that It were popular among the students.
Because it is cheap and high calorie.

We usually cut sweet potato into a bite size.
Deep-fry them in oil in low-heat.
And cover them with syrup which is made by simmering sugar in water ( sometime add soy sauce, mirin and so on) until it become sticky.


mirage2g said...

We have this too (camote que)! I miss this a lot nowadays same thing we do with banana (plaintain and called banana que) and is sold on a stick!

Bridgett said...

Sticky and sweet, now that is hard to pass up!

Bento Pet said...

Happy New Year Nobu! Long time no visit your site!! Been busy with things at home. Love Daigaku Imo, but you hardly see it sold in Malaysia! It's so much work to make!!

Elra said...

Look so glistening, so delicious, yet very simple to make.

Nazarina A said...

Talk about" gilding the lily ! "
This looks crazy good!!!

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

that look so YUMMY! i love sweet tators.

Ayie said...

This is good. We have the same thing there in the Philippines.

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