November 2, 2008

Tako Yaki

tako yakiThis is fried octopus dumpling (ball).
Usually the batter is made from wheat flour, egg, and water or dashi-stock.
Ingredients in the ball are chopped octopus, beni-shoga(pickled ginger), tenkasu(crunchy bits of deep-fried tempura batter) and so on.

Those are fried on takoyaki mold (plate).
After fried, thoes balls are put takoyaki sauce, and splinkled shreded dried bonito and green laver.


mirage2g said...

I love these! Every movie I watch includes tako yaki too! =D

I bought katsuobushi and tonkatsu sauce last week and I wanted to make okonomiyaki...I hope you can show me how.

Ayie said...

i like eating takoyaki but i haven't tasted an authentic japanese made....hmmm when i go there in japan I definitely will.

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