April 14, 2009

Sakura mochi (Domyoji mochi)

sakura mochi(domyoji mochi)

I have already introduced you Tokyo style sakura mochi.
In this time, I introduce you kansai-area style sakura mochi.
It is called "Domyoji mochi.

Sweet red bean paste is covered with dough which is made from domyoji flour, sugar, food red and water, and wrapped with sakura (cherry blossom) leaf which is pickled in salt.
Domyoji flour is made by steaming mochi rice, later dried, and ground coarsely.


Ayie said...

I can't imagine the taste but the food looks cute.

Bridgett said...

Is this made for a special occasion or everyday dinner? It looks and sounds interesting!

nobu said...

Thanks all!

I think that originally,sakura mochi is for girl's day(March ,3).
So we often have it in spring.
But in these days, we can have it all season.

mirage said...

あなたはDoumyojiつかさ を知っていますか?

:D Hope you're enjoying yourself! Ohayou!

nobu said...

Hello Mirage.
She is a character of "Hana yori dango (boys over flowers)"

Sherry Stewart said...


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