October 4, 2008


Aburaage is an ingredient of Japanese dish.
Aburaage is made by deep-friyng thinly sliced tofu.
It is some time called "Aburage" or "Age.

It is ingredient for various dishes.
For example, miso soup, simmered dish, Inarizushi, etc.

aburaage cut to half Photo above is aburaage cut to half.

We usually buy it tofu shop or supermarket.


mirage2g said...

The tofu looks like egg huh...The appearence reminds me of what the Hindus have I forgot what its called...or like in the Philippines, lumpia wrapper, or here in Vienna, palatschinken...

So this is what is used for miso soup? I just use tofu that i fry a little..thanks for info, now I need to change my miso soup recipe.. ;-)

nobu said...

Hellol mirage.
We sometime cut it in halves and open it from cut edge, and make it like pouch.
So we can stuff some foods in it.

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