October 14, 2008


Konnyaku is a ingredient of Japanese dish.
Konnyaku is a jelly-like food which is made from Konnyaku potato.
It is a little taste, but it has pleasant unique texture.
Usually Konnyaku is eaten as ingredient of simmered dish, or soup.
But some time we slice thinly it and eat as sashimi. (If we buy konnyaku for sashimi)

Konnyaku is also popular as healthy food.
It is low in calorie and rich in fiber.

shiratakiPhoto above is long narrow shaped Konnyaku.
It is called "Shirataki" or "Ito konnyaku".

konnyaku in supermarket
Photo above is Konnyaku sold in the supermarket.

1 comment:

Bento Pet said...

I love konnyaku! Cook them in Oden and simmered dishes sometimes! Delicious.

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