November 5, 2008

Kitsune Udon

kitsune udon
This is a kind of hot type udon dish.
I have already posted about hot type udon dish, Please check Kake udon.

"Kitsune" means literally "fox", but in this case, it means aburaage.
We simmer aburaage mildly sweet, and put it on kake udon.

It is popular in Osaka.
In Osaka, they call it just "Kitsune".


mili said...

Food is the one thing which I can't resist. And that too Japanesefood I can eat it at any time. Even in the middle of the night. This one looks so yummy I want to go back to Japan.

Japanese Clothing said...
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mirage2g said...

Your udon looks so thick! Im jealous!!

LaMirabelle said...

Mmmh that looks good ! Totemo oishiiiiii !!!

nobu said...

Yes, It is very OISHII.

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